(High-Definition Care)

What is High Definition Care (HDC)?

HDC is a digital platform for reducing adverse events.

What does HDC do?

  • HDC uses AI to assess the risk of adverse events at the individual patient level
  • HDC surfaces risk at the appropriate time in clinician workflow
  • Guided risk mitigation for improved decision-making
  • Determines which interventions are most impactful in your unique environment
  • Constantly learning as the care environment changes

Data is collected and fuels predictive models

How does HDC Work?

  • A lightweight client consumes data from the EHR using vendor APIs
  • When high risk of an adverse event is identified, this is surfaced to the appropriate provider within their workflow with guided, evidence-based intervention
  • HDC tracks patient outcomes and measures efficacy of interventions in your environment
  • Constantly learns as the care environment changes.
Data is collected and fuels predictive models